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Monday, June 27, 2011

High Voltage Cosmetics Swatches

*Edit* Unfortunately, I cannot support this company any longer. I will still keep my posts.
Awhile ago I received some samples from High Voltage Cosmetics. The samples I received looked so much more complex then the samples I received when I first started blogging. So I decided to compile all my samples from HVC and swatch em all. You can see the difference in complexity for alot of them. I tried to organize them by color. One thing I noticed about HVC is alot of their e/s are what I like to call glitter-mattes (GM). GMs are a matte base with lots of sparklies. Most companies have very shimmery e/s but most of HVC's that I own are GMs. I like that alot. Also many of my older samples that I own have just multi colored sparklies while her new ones tend to have one color.

So here are my swatches! *no primer*
Break the Ice - is a white GM with some nice multi sparklies.
Midnight Oil - is a navy/black GM with multi sparklies
Big Spender - applied patchy but it is a pretty sky blue GM with green sparkles.

Frost Bite - is one of the shimmery ones. It is a shimmery blue with green sparklies and a green shimmer.
Detroit Rock City - is a shimmery light blue with no noticeable sparklies.
In the Lime Light - is a dark teal GM with gold sparklies in it. 

Ice Sculpture - is a light blurple/lavender GM with multi sparklies.
All Shook Up - is a baby pink GM with multi sparklies.
Young Lust - is a light coral shade which i absolutely adore. it is a GM with multi sparklies.

Rock Forever - is a blood red GM with gold sparkles it would make a lovely crease shadow.
Lovesick Junkie - is an orange/pink duochrome. It is one of my favorites of this bunch of shadows. it is a GM with no sparklies at all. But in certain lights it looks pink. 

Can you see the pink?

Heart Throb - is a rust color GM with green sparklies. 
Fairy Blood - is a bright red GM with multi sparklies.
Gypsy Queen - is a black GM with tons of sparklies. There is a lot of gold and purple sparklies which i love. 

Leather and Lace - is a brown GM with multi sparklies.
Secrets and Lies - this one also applied patchy. This is a bright violet GM with multi sparklies.
Glam Rock - applied patchy. it is a dark purple GM with multi sparklies.

Toxic Seduction - is a dark blurple GM with multi sparklies.
Midnite Desire - applied patchy. is a grape GM with multi sparklies.

Bootleg - is a dark dark purple/black GM with multi sparklies. This is one of my favorite purples.
Saturday Night - is a bright purple with tons of sparkle and shimmer. It has green shimmer and sparklies.  
Just a Girl - is a light purple/lavender GM with multi sparklies.
Wild Child - is a mint shimmery e/s with tons of multi sparklies.

New Skool - is a slightly darker mint that Wild Child. It is a GM with multi sparklies. This is one of my favorite greens.
#1 Crush - is a very dark green GM with multi sparklies.

Dark Romance - is a black/green GM with multi sparklies.
Moshing Pit - is an army green/grey GM with red/pink sparklies. 

Mani and Sol - is a forest green with tons of gold sparklies.
Einherjar - is a dark forest green GM with tons of green sparklies. 

Freyr - is a grey/purple GM with purple and red sparklies. This is my absolute favorite of all of them. It is gorgeous. 
Mjolnir - is a grey with tons of gold and green sparklies.

Freyr is too pretty.

Vor - is a mint GM with green and gold sparklies.
Snotra - is a grass green GM with red and green sparklies. 

Most of these are all part of the Norse Mythology Collection!!!

I saw on one blog that if you put purell on glitter e/s it makes the glitter stand out. I thought I'd try it!
So here ya go! Glitters and colors! My hand looks like a rainbow.

Well i hope you enjoyed my High Voltage Cosmetics swatches. I think I'm gonna hold on my next post til next week. I'm gonna try to get a poll up to see what else I should do with my blog. hehe =]



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I stumbled into my Walgreens the other day and saw the absolutely awesome Pure Ice Crackle Polish stand! So I grabbed the remaining colors I wanted in crackle, silver and white. I already own black and grey (china glaze), red and blue (sally hansen) and now i own silver and white (pure ice). I have also been obsessing over Essie's Absolutely Shore polish. Its the prettiest green I've ever seen. It looks like a light blue in some lights too. =] So I combined the Pure Ice Silver Crackle with Essie's Absolutely Shore. It looks so pretty.



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Sunday, June 26, 2011

OOTD - first ever btw + LOTD

So after losing about 21 lbs, I decide to try on some of my old shorts again. I ran into a pair of my old favorites. My Harajuku Lovers shorts. Size L. I thought "these won't fit me again ever. but I'll try em on." And sure enough, to my total surprise....THEY FIT. My favorite shorts from my freshman year of high school fit! I jumped around and did a jig (do people still do those?) So I decided to wear these shorts paired with my favorite mint green tank top (Ed Hardy) and my awesome Converse. Also some faux glasses to boot. My mom said i looked like a modern 80's nerd. I was pretty happy with it. I also had on for makeup: Aromaleigh Gingko, UDPP in Sin, some weird Japanese Mascara, no foundation or blush (since it was pouring that day).

Now for pics!

21 lbs down!!!




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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dark Heart Designs Revisited!

Dark Heart Designs has been one of my favorite companies since I started using Mineral Makeup and when I heard she was revamping her line, I was extremely excited. She told me she was trying to make her e/s more dynamic and she redid all of her colors and added a new base to them. So, I thought I would revisit DHD and compare her old shadows and her new shadows. Unfortunately, I ran out of my favorite color, Moonchild, in the old style so I can't compare that one, but I swatched the new one to show you.

Heres the comparison.
*no primer*

The New one has some sparklies in it that the Old one doesn't. The New one is also slightly darker than the Old one. I love them both equally =].

The New one has more purple undertones to it which will actually bring out anyone with brown eyes. The New one seems more matte than the Old one. I definitely like the New one better. 

The New one is definitely darker than the old one. The New one has a lot more pigmentation and a little bit of gold on it. The Old one seems very flat compared to the New one. The New one wins for me. 

The New Absinthe is very similar to the old one. The base makes it stay on the hand a little better but color wise, I didn't see too much of a difference. But i loved Absinthe to begin with. So I'm happy =]. 

Now, I know I don't have the Old one to compare it to, but the New one has gold sparklies in it which definitely adds some dynamics to it. I love the Old and the New Moonchild, but I ran out of the Old one. 

As you can obviously see, the New one is way more pigmented than the Old one. The New one also has some gorgeous sparklies in it which the Old one lacks. Now, this color is my favorite blue with my very brown eyes. I haven't tried the New one yet. But i can't wait. 

Now this one is the biggest difference with what I've seen. The New one is waaayyy more white/silver than the Old one was. The Old one was a blue silver which I adored to death. But the New one is more a silver. You can really see the color difference in the pictures below. I personally miss the blue from the Old one. So Old wins this color. 

Now that you've seen her new colors. I am loving most of the new ones! She also has new Lip Slicks coming out (these things are my favorite things on the planet)! Also, I heard she is branching into gel eyeliner, nail polish, and lip sticks. =] What a woman! 



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