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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aromaleigh Swatches of love Part 1!

Awhile ago, on the amazing facebook group I'm in. A lovely fellow blogger and I won a cute little Aromaleigh giveaway and we promised to split up the goods. I finally got my good and I squeed about 50 times because that's about how many shadows there were. So, I'm doing my swatches in parts. Here is part one! These were all taken in natural light.

Mystery 1 - is a pretty peachy color with an purple duochrome. 
Mystery 2 - is a grey blue color with a gold duochrome.
Mystery 3 - is a dark matte purple with some red sparklies. 

Blue Purple Oops - is a satin dark blue purple color. 
A4 Oops - is a pinky brown color with multi colored sparklies. 
Ruby - is a satin fushia color.

Cocoa Mauve - is a dark brown color with a blue duochrome.

B5 Oops - is an emerald green shadow with silver sparklies.
Alexandrite - is a gorgeous royal purple satin.
Regal - is a pretty purple pink color with a blue duochrome. 

Cranked - is a dark red/pink color.
Sage - is a shimmery pastel green color with some blue accents. 
C14 Oops - is a really light neutral with holo sparklies. 

Vidette - is a matte lilac.
Flutterby - is a magenta with multi sparklies.
Opps - is a light grey with a gold duochrome.

C16 Oops - is a dark grey with a dark green duochrome. 
C17 Oops - is a almost black with multi sparklies.
Vapor - is a really light blue matte. 

Id have to say my favorites are: well all of them! I didn't dislike a single one in the slightest! 

Im gonna start swatching part 2 now!


Rock a Betty Beauty Ninja Death Toast!

I love the name of this collection. Ninja Death Toast. (link provides hilarious video =]) The colors are even more love. They are very smooth neutrals with some subtle sparklies. I also got a sample in a nice little clam shell of another neutral.

Here are the swatches!

Lycanthropy - is a milk chocolate colored shadow with some holo sparklies but a little more gold ones. This will make an awesome fall shadow!

Ninja Death Toast - is a coral/light brown shadow this doesn't have really any sparklies in it. But it is a really pretty color. I really do love this color. 

Buttered Ninja Death Toast - is a sheer pale yellow with lots of sparklies. Its really pretty. 

Jellied Ninja Death Toast - is a really light pinky/purple with silver sparklies. Its almost the same as my skin color and I absolutely adore it. 

Burnt Ninja Death Toast - is a brown with some sparklies in it. Another awesome fall color. 

Now, this collection was limited edition and I don't know if you can still get them. But if you are looking for a really cute neutral collection for fall, go to Rock a Betty Beauty's facebook page and ask!



AL swatches galore!!

Innocent + Twisted Alchemy Awesomeness!

I'm in this awesome little beauty blogger group on facebook and some people were selling some old shadows and I picked up a few (well alot). One of the fantastic people happens to own a company called Innocent + Twisted Alchemy and in my package gave me an awesome sample of one of her shadows. The shadow I received was Comsumed by Agony. My sample came in a clam shell and was packed full of product, which runs for $2 on her shop with $1 shipping and her full sizes which come packed in 5g jars are $6 with $1.50 shipping. I find this really reasonable. I adore her eyeshadow names and the colors look awesome! Let me show you my swatch!

Consumed by Agony - is a gorgeous gray color with gold and green sparklies. Exactly how its described on the website. The color was extremely soft and buttery and I loved it. I wanna order more! But I'm on a no buy =/

Overall even though I only tried one shadow, I love it! I want more!!!! =] Go check out the  lovely Innocent + Twisted Alchemy. Trust me, its awesome!



RABB swatches
AL swatches galore

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Swatches!

So, the amazing Dawn reached 500! Which means she was going to have a super awesome amazing sale!!! And she did. And it was amazing. I ordered the 3 full jars and 5 samples for $12 (i know best deal ever for like the best shadows ever right?) Now the full jars I ordered I swatched before in my initial review. I ordered Mystic Dawn, Grey Fire, and Pittsburgh Blue. So I'm not gonna reswatch them. But I got 2 extra samples in my order! Also this order got here super duper fast!!!

Onto the swatches!

so many pretties!!!!!

Fresh Earth - was one of the free ones I got. It is a brown with some subtle silver glitter. Its a kinda sheerer nude which is rather nice. 

Glittering Periwinkle - is the other free sample I received. It is a really pretty light purple shade with tons of purple sparklies in it.

Mermaid - was soooo hard to photograph. Mermaid is a gorgeous ocean color with a pinky purple duochrome with blue sparklies. Need full jar. Need full jar. NOW!

Blue Raspberry - is a gorgeous light pastel blue with little pink accents and sparklies. Its really pretty. Its the lighter version of Mystic Dawn. Need full jar too. 

Wild Strawberry - is a really pretty peachy pink shade with green and gold accents and green and pink sparklies. 

Copper Fog - is another one of those purple/maroon and brown duochromes that I just can't get enough of. This one though, has subtle purple sparklies. 

Cosmic - is absolutely stunning. Its a dark purple with light purple accents and multicolored sparklies. I want a full jar!!!

Hope you enjoyed the swatches!!


Bunches of swatches

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Review!

I've been watching this company, Virus Insanity Eyeshadow, on facebook for quite some time. They are a store based on facebook so you would have to ask to get invoiced. I don't mind that too much (since I just learned how to invoice things now). But when they started doing their "Get the Look" sales, I couldn't resist. I was deciding between the brights and the pastels and I went with the pastels. I received 4 full sized jars for the $11 (sale of the week) price with $5 shipping. Not too bad. The jars weren't very filled because of the sifter (maybe about half). I also got a sample which came in a clam shell which had a small amount in it. But since it was free its all good. Since they are based off of facebook, their prices for individual shadows varies. On the site it states that one shadow is $5. I received my stuff really quickly and it was packaged perfectly. Wanna see some swatches?

*no primer was used*

I really like the top of their labels. Nice and clean.

Now, here was my only problem. Read this label. It looks clean. But you get to the May Contain. Then that is all you see. But wait, then there is a WARNING! "The safety of this product has not been determined." Ummm....what? This may or may not be safe? I find this a little concerning. Especially because you don't know. I would hope that the pastels would be safe. I would hope that soon she would work on a better ingredients system or we might have another Glittersniffer problem. I hope not, because I actually really like these. But it does say Approved for Eyes. 

The Godfather - is the free sample I got. Its a really awesome matte red with a touch of fushia in it. Its actually really smooth and I had no problem applying this whatsoever. This actually reminds me of the WnW holiday palette red that everyone loved that I never had. I actually had this on yesterday with a white underneath it and it turned into this really awesome bright red with some pink flashes and everyone on my floor loved it.  

Fiona - is a really pretty soft sea foam green with some rose gold shimmer to it. Its rather gorgeous and I adore it. If you look carefully you can see the rose gold along the edges. 

Snow White - is a squee shadow. Its an amazingly amazing light blue with a purple shimmer. I absolutely adore this color. 

Belle - is a shimmery pastel yellow. This is probably my least favorite of the bunch. But I do how pastel yellows brighten up my eyes. 

Tinkerbell - is a soft teal, which I adore, with a pink shimmer to it. This is an absolutely gorgeous color. It makes me smile just thinking about it. 

Overall I really adore Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. I really wish they would work on their labeling but their products are to die for. I would recommend giving them a look and making a purchase. She is usually always having a good deal and her TAT is amazing. Erin is also amazingly nice. Give em a look. I am definitely going to make another order. 


Dorm stuff
Dawn Eyes Cosmetics

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My Beauty Addiction Mini Review!!!

So, I'm officially moved into my college dorm (sorry about the absence) and I managed to bring all my makeup along! After a grueling week of band camp (a week of cold and rainy weather full of wet shoes and now i have a horrible cold). But I'm finally back in my dorm and I had 3 lovely packages of makeup awaiting my return. The first one was my My Beauty Addiction gift I received from Sherrie since I didn't get to be one of her lip models. I found this to be very sweet that she gave all the people who weren't chosen a free gift. After some thought I chose Sea Breeze as my color. Unfortunately, whenever I try to download anything on the internet here, it doesnt want to work. So, I cannot edit text into the photos...but theres only two colors. So i think its ok.
Sherrie sells makeup, B&B, and more. Her e/s are about $5 for a 5g jar with about 1-1.5g of e/s in them. Shipping is $2.

*i did not use primer under the swatches*

Darkness Falls - was a free sample I received in a medium clam shell. It is a black shadow with blue sparklies in it. It is really pretty.

Sea Breeze - is a minty green shadow with some silver sparklies in it. It was really soft and pretty. I really like this shadow. 

Here they are with flash

Overall, I like My Beauty Addiction but I feel like they are a little one sided for my taste. While looking on their store, I didn't see too many new and exciting colors even though I did see colors I liked, some colors just seemed like colors that are pretty simple to me. Or they seem like colors I've seen before. I am undecided if I will buy again.


Virus Insanity Eyeshadow
More Dawn Eyes Cosmetics
Bunches of Samples
My Dorm (when its done anyway) 

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My first ever Franken.

I started packing for college. And I had to start packing up my nail polish and makeup. So, I was trying to get rid of some almost empty nail polishes and then I got the idea to combine them together. I had an almost empty top coat, my MAC Noctornelle, then I added some green and silver cosmetic glitter and finally I added some eyeshadow (HVC Moshing Pit) and I mixed it all together. After about 20 minutes of mixing I got this really awesome dark green/gray color with silver glitter (the green melted away) with flashes of pink and purple in different lights. I named the polish Glorius. After my boyfriend since he helped me shake it. lol. well here it is.

Can you see the pink?

So here is my first franken. I actually really had fun doing it. I think I'm gonna make some more. I have an idea of making a white polish wit red sparkles. Things like that. It'll give me something to do when I'm not studying in college =].