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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Grandparents New Kittens!

My grandparents who live rather close to me just adopted two newborn kittens into their home after their old cat died of cancer. So I went to go meet the new 4 week old kittens and their names are Sunny and Misty. They are brother and sister. 

This is Sunny. He is a wheat colored kitty who blends into the floor too easily. Sunny is the scardey cat but after awhile he is very playful

This is Misty. She is gray wit some little wheat colored streaks. She also has a wheat colored front paw. Misty is really playful and loves to sleep on people's shoulders. She is sitting on my brothers lap. 

Look how small they are!! They are a little bigger than the size of my hand.

Here is both of them together. 
 Here is my brother and my mom trying to get Sunny to be less afraid of us. After doing this for about ten minutes. Sunny just fell asleep. 

 Look over there! My brother was rustling with a paper bag that got the cats attention. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the new kittens. I think they are adorable. Unfortunately Misty has a cold so she kept sneezing. But they are both very fluffy kittens. 


WnW Experiment Week 4 Final!

So for the past 4 weeks I have been using the Wet N' Wild MegaLash Clinical Serum twice a day. So after 4 weeks I feel as if I have made some significant progress.

Week 2

Week 3

 Week 4

Over the past 4 weeks I have noticed my lashes get longer, stronger, softer and a lot less lash fallout. My bottom lashes have grown significantly longer and fuller. Since I have not used any other type of Lash Serum I can't say its the best. But I suggest you give this a try for the price. For $6.99 I say give it a go!

I had very few problems with the serum. When you first apply the serum to the lashes, you will get a warm sensation that some may find uncomfortable. Also it will sting if you get it in your eye. Other than that I had no problems. 


Monday, February 21, 2011

HiFi Review!

So in the beginning of January I ordered a blogger review set from HiFi Cosmetics. Little to my knowledge that the company was in the process of moving that I would not receive my samples until over a month later. I received 5 samples of my choice but the amount of product that was in the bags differed pretty greatly. I ordered Headbanger, Acceptance Speech, Love All the Poison, Super Sonic Overdrive, and Backstage.

Headbanger is a really pigmented black matte. I would most likely use this as a liner more than a shadow.
Acceptance Speech is a mint green shadow that shimmers a bright slightly golden green in different lights. This shadow is a lot sheerer but is very shimmery.
Love All the Poison is a more golden version of Acceptance Speech. This one shimmers a gold sheen in different lights. 
Super Sonic Overdrive is a really awesome blue wit light blue sparklies in it. This definitely does remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog. I think this would also make a cool liner and a shadow. 
Backstage is a more true blue and has blue sparklies in it. I would love using this as a liner. In fact, I think I will soon. =]

Overall I absolutely love this company. I was slightly disappointed that my products came in uneven proportions and about a month late, but i understand with the company moving and all. When HiFi gets back from vacation I will definitely look into purchasing more products. I really love the pigmentation and how some are really bold and others are a more sheer look. This shows that they are really looking to please every type of makeup lover. I really suggest you take a look when she gets back and see what wonderful things wait in store!


P.S. my lips are almost back to normal! 

P.P.S I know I haven't done my final update on the WnW Serum, i took pictures on friday like i usually do so I will have that update out as soon as i can!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day LOTD and my horrible lips!

Sorry about the lack of posting. Alot has been going on in my world! First off, i had a bacterial infection in my lip, second i had lots of projects and third i had valentines day wit my bf! Hes amazing. so so amazing. So i decided to put the look up i used for Valentines Day!

I used 
DHD Beautiful Nightmare and Wine Red
MUFE Eyeliner in 11L
Essence Crystal Eyeliner

I wanted a rather subtle look for that day. 

Now here are my lips. I know the picture kinda sucks but my lips are all red and splotchy and they were swollen. U can see the swelling better in the picture above. My lips look better now...but they still have red spots. How did this happen? well, a bought a Bath and Body Works Lemon Lip balm for winter. When i opened it, it smelled kinda off so i did some research and found out that they usually smelled kinda weird so i didnt think anything of it. So after that i used it all the time. Soon my lips started getting itchy and really hot. Then they got pimple like sores and got itchier. Finally the sores swelled up and this is what it looked like. 

They look better now. But they are still a lil red.

Still alot of posts to do this weekend! 

T =]

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Shadow Collection Part 3!

So as i promised i would do another part of my shadow collection and todaiis collection is all my green shadows!!! I realized that I had so much so i did the collection in 3 parts: dark green, green, and light green.
Here are the dark green ones
1. High Voltage #1 Crush
2. High Voltage Dark Romance
3. Fyrinnae The Randy Ferret
4. Face Candy Couture Chill
5. Fyrinnae Dokkalfar
6. Fyrinnae Dragon Magic (Arcane Magic)
7. BFTE Bing

Now for greens
8. Evil Shades Sinister
9. BFTE Green Apple
10. Aromaleigh Event Horizon (astronomical collection)
11. Dark Heart Designs Come Undone (presently unreleased)
12. Moonrise Studios Oxalis
13.Geek Chic Chosen One
14. Shiro Link
15. Sarah's Natural Envy (eyel liner mineral)
16. Venomous Mermaid (pressed shadow)

Now for my light greens
17. Fyrinnae Electric Stardust (Arcane Magic)
18. Aromaleigh We're All Mad Here (wonderstruck collection)
19. Vicious Scuba
20. Shiro Banzai (kawaii shadow collection)
21. DHD Halestorm
22. Aromaleigh Binary (astronomical collection)
23. Venomous Boomslang
24. Shrio Rupee

25. Venomous Alien
26. Candy Sweet Treats Zombie Blood (neon green glitter)
27. Moonrise Studio Tart
28. DHD Nymph
29. DHD Limelight
30. DHD Absinthe
31. Hich Voltage New Skool (inked collection)
32. High Voltage Wild Child

Favorite Dark Green: BFTE Bing

Favorite Green: Geek Chic Chosen One

Favorite Light Green: High Voltage New Skool

OVERALL favorite: High Voltage New Skool

Easiest to apply: DHD, High Voltage

Hardest to apply: Venomous 

I dont have a least favorite in this set =] 

I hope you enjoyed this part of my shadow collection!!! There is plenty more to come! 


P.S. still need some more followers so i can host my first giveaway!!! 

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Posting and such

Ugh! i know i havent been posting as much as I used to. that cuz im working hard in skool cuz these grades are the ones that go to colleges =]. If you don't know already, I got into one of my top choice colleges so I'm also battling my parents so they let me go there. So that has actually taken up alot more time then i thought it would. Also, I have been in play practice for the last few days. Its getting intense. And finally, i feel like im running out of things to review at my house. I havent ordered anything in awhile and when i finish my color collections, my lack of money will be the death of me. BUT i have High Voltage swatches coming up, some more color collections and my bf (<3<3<3) ordered me a Aromaleigh grab bag for valentines day, and and i have some surprises coming soon for DHD =]=]. Also, Ive been trying to figure out whatever happened to my Hi Fi order i placed in the beginning of January. and also i won a giveaway at Makeup on the Cheap. so i cant wait for that =] i hope package monday is awesome next monday. FINALLY i wanna hit 40ish followers so i can host my first giveaway! i have some stuff already here for a first and second prize. (if any companies want to be featured in my giveaway just send over an email at tarynew@msn.com or if anyone wants to send me an email about anything is fine)


Saturday, February 5, 2011

WnW Experiment Week 3

So its been about 3 weeks in and omg! I have been using the WnW Lash Serum.  My bottom lashes have grown a huge amount and look really nice and full. Also, my top lashes have gotten really long and have basically stopped falling out entirely. I had girls even ask me what i did to make my eyes look huge and my lashes look amazing! When i look up my top lashes almost reach the arch in my brow thats how long they've gotten!!!


Week 1
 Week 2
Week 3 

Week 3

See look they almost reach!!!!

Now i reallly reallllly suggest you try this. Its really working for me!!!


P.S. another part of my color collection and some High Voltage Swatches comin soon too!