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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dark Heart Designs Gel Liner Review!

This is slightly overdue, but I ordered some of the new Lip Slicks from Tina of Dark Heart Designs. When I received my order (which took a little while longer then I expected but they were pre-order so I didn't mind) I got a free full sized gel liner in Monster. (this review will be unbiased towards the fact that I received this product for free.) Monster is black with red and purple sparkles. This makes it different from any normal gel eyeliner. Also, the formula I received was slightly liquid like which I was excited to try. So in order to review the liner I decided to so a crease test. I took pictures every 2 hours without primer.
One of the only problems I had with the formula was that it didn't apply very pigmented and evenly and I had to layer on the liner in order to get a opaque line.
Please excuse the horrible application

2 hours later. Some creasing but not very noticeable.

2 hours later. You can see some noticeable creasing now ans some parts of the liner have faded. 

2 hours later. Very noticeable creasing now. 

I feel like if you applied this over a shadow or primer this would hold better. The only problem I have with this product is that it is too liquid like. If it were a little more solid and applied more opaque I would adore it. Right now, I like it, but it is a maybe buy for me. 

Playing with eyeliner

For the 9 months I hated using eyeliner. I always felt like it made my eyes look funny unless I made the thickest possible line on the top on bottom of my eye. Also, when I wore eyeliner, I wouldn't wear any eye shadow. But as I was tallying up my makeup to bring to college, I realized how many eye liners I actually had. So, I took out my Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Biker and thought I would try to make a simple wing. Just to practice. I really like how it turned out.
I also don't have any primer on at all, and the liner stayed put all day without creasing. It was great.

Don't mind the messy hair.

I'm also sorry I haven't been posting much. I'm kinda in the middle of moving everything over to college stuff. And I'm getting a new laptop so I gotta move everything over to that! Also, I'm trying to spend as much time as I can with my boyfriend before I move 6 hours away to college. I love him more than anything in the world.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OMGOMGOMG My First Video!!!!

One night on twitter, talking to some buddies, I was convinced that I should start doing videos for my blog. So I decided that I should do the video on my lipstick collection. I beg you to laugh at this. It is rather funny. But under the video are pictures of the lippies on my lips. Enjoy!

Essence Creamy Nude
Clinique Blushing Coral
Beauty Innovation Plum Pout
Beauty Innovations Twilight Kiss

Evil Shades Silk Stockings

MAC Myth

Victoria's Secret Happy

Here it is! Take it or leave it =P


Monday, July 11, 2011

Dawn Eyes Cosmetics Review!

For the past few weeks I've been hearing nothing but good news about a MMU company called Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. They are a fairly new company with a very wide arrangement of colors. Dawn's website is nice and easy to navigate. She is very sweet and awesome and has amazing shipping times =]. Her colors, are equally as amazing as she is. They are extremely gorgeous and complex. Her full jars are 5g jars w/ sifter w/ 1.2-1.5 g of shadow. They are $6, shipping depends on where you live. Her samples come in baggies and are $1 and are about 1/8 tsp. This is an eye shadow only company and it looks like she creates new ones all the time and holds contests a lot.

*there is no primer under these shadows*

Super Sparkle Black Copper - is a glitter-matte. It is a black matte shadow with tons and tons of copper sparklies. I love the copper sparklies with the black shadow. It will make a perfect fall shadow for me. 

Grey Fire - is a really interesting color. It is a matte shadow that looks like a dark tan/grey. But in some lights all the sudden BAM! red comes through! Its absolutely gorgeous and I want a full jar of this asap!

Can you see the red a little bit?

Pittsburg Blue - Now, alot of you know that I'm going to the University of Pittsburgh for college starting August. So I couldn't pass up on some of the Pittsburgh colors. This is a shimmery blue with lots of sparklies of gold and blue. 

Lady Sings the Blues Holographic - This is another shimmery blue. This a darker blue with a lot of blue shimmer. There are some holo sparklies in it wish there were more though. 

Mystic Dawn - is my absolute favorite shadow! Its a soft pastel blue with a gorgeous pink sheen! Its amazing! Its so pretty, I want a full jar of this stat!!!

King's Robe - is a nice royal purple color with lots of sparklies in it. It also has a nice shimmer to it. 

Blurple - is a glitter-matte. It is a bright purple with ton and tons and tons of blue sparklies in it! Its hard to miss em. 

Wild Party - is a really adorable pastel purple color that is slightly matte-like. It has some nice silver sparklies in it. I like the softness of this shadow a lot. 

Football in Pittsburg - is a really nice bright yellow with gold sparklies in it. I think I'll be using this a lot with Pittsburg Blue during the football games cuz I'm in the marching band. 

Feed Me Seymor - Little Shop of Horrors. Awesome musical. Even more of an awesome color. This is a really nice clover green with a little blue in it. Its really shimmery. 

Overall I am obsessing with Dawn Eyes Cosmetics. Her colors are absolutely lovely and I want full jars of some and samples of a ton more! I really want Mystic Dawn and Grey Fire. I'll have to definitely explore some more and order more samples! I definitely suggest you check out her site and order some samples. They are amazing!!!!


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Lippie videos!

Friday, July 8, 2011


So like I was saying my boyfriend is away at camp =/. I miss him more then anything. So, I decided to wear one of the shirts I stole from him with a pair of my favorite shorts. The shirt is a Ghostbuster's shirt (which actually fit me! which was a surprise since he is significantly thinner than I am.) and the shorts are a pair of Limited Edition GAP black and white pin-stripe denim shorts.

The makeup I used for this was an unmarked eye shadow I had called Chameleon. It was a white shadow but transformed to my skin color and while in the light. 

See here its a nice peach color.

Me messing with some photoshop =P

See its a little white here and peach need the inner corner of my eye!

You can see it better here. 

Its an interesting shade isn't it?

So here is the NOTW. This is a shade from my ULTA haul. This is the Essence I Love My Jeans. This is a black polish with very very tiny milti colored sparklies in it. Its awesome!

See some of the sparklies!

There they are!!!

So that is it for todaii folks! 


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