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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Detrivore Swatchlove!

Detrivore is one of the few companies who has some of the most fantastic sales. For Black Friday, Detrivore had a 50% off $20 or more. Then, a though jumped into my head "How 'bout I get my Mother some Detrivore shadows for Christmas!" So, I picked up all the new shades and gave some to my Mother to put in her lovely Christmas box. I also put some in my Giveaway box.

Shadow Amounts - Samples -1/4 tsp
                             Full Size - about 1g in a 5g jar with sifter

Packaging - Plastic bags and jars are shrink wrapped

Extras - 2 samples (Not shown since I already owned both shades)

These are swatched dry without primer.

Vermin - is a bright green with some yellow and olive tones and some gold sparklies. 
Macabre - is a hot pink with darker qualities with lots of pink sparklies.

Dust Bunny - is a bright silver with blue and silver sparklies.
Below - is a semi-matte bright blue with silver sparklies.

Crevice - is a teal with some subtle silver sparklies.
Revenant - is green with green sparklies. 

Omen - is a dusty purple with some subtle sparklies.
Bugbear - is a light blue shadow with some sparklies.

Widow - is a gorgeous red velvet cupcake color (or blood whichever you prefer) with some silver and red sparklies.
Luna - is a chrome-like silver.

Hobgoblin - is a nice green with some blue undertones with some green and silver sparklies. 
Carcass - is a really nice pink with some orange overtones and some gold sparklies. 

Vulture - is a nice brown shade with some silver sparklies. 

My Favorites - Widow, Bugbear, Omen, Below, Crevice, Revenant and Dust Bunny.

Detrivore's formula is amazing and even though their shadows aren't extremely complex, sometimes simple is better. The company just came out with a line of perfumes which I ordered samples from and I am extremely excited to receive. If you haven't tried out Detrivore...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! Well you could wait for a sale, but still buy from them!!! 


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Just a little updating..

Hey lovelies! I just wanted to give you the run down on what's going to be happening here in the next few weeks!

1. I will be on Hiatus until January 4th! I will be in my Jersey home which means I won't have any of the things I need to do reviews. Also, there hasn't been any sun here in a good week. So I can't review anything anyway.

2. I will be posting my giveaway when I am back from my Hiatus! I have tons of stuff that I can not wait to give to one of you lucky lovelies! (Trust me I wish I was keeping these things all to myself)

3. It is my 1 year bloggiversary (December 5, 2010)! Seems like it went by so quickly and in reality it did! I feel like I am going to write a post on the last year of my life because in the last year, there have been so many changes.

4. I will be redoing a lot of my original reviews when I return from my Hiatus. This means I will be combining swatches from other posts and redoing swatches from the past. Then I will create a page where you can find all these swatches and things. I will try to swatch every single eye shadow I own. I even have a list!

5. I want to tell you loves my New Year's Resolutions. I usually do more than one so just in case one fails I have more to go to. So here they are:
        1. I want to lose 35 pounds before May. I know this might seem hard but I am really determined. I have already lost 25 pounds since August and I feel like a new person. I am down a whole jean size and almost a shirt size. Also I need to look good for my boyfriend's prom =P.
        2. I want me ankle to heal so I never have to worry about it again. I horribly sprained my ankle in April. Yea I know, April is really far back. It still hurts to this very day and now I am on crutches. It didn't help constantly walking on it or marching on it. But hopefully it will heal.
        3. To keep my relationship with my boyfriend. I was almost hesitant writing this one down since, lets face it, I love my boyfriend til the end of time. But things do go wrong and things can happen that are out of our control.
        4. To find the perfect dress. This might sound weird. But I want a dress that fits me right that is like me. Most clothes now run for shorter people, especially dresses. So I try on hundreds of dresses that look so awesome only to find that I am about....5 inches too tall for them. Some could be a shirt on me other dresses that are supposed to be Maxi dresses, hit my mid calf. Now, I'm not saying I am super model tall, I am 5 foot 9 in. But I feel left out in the clothing word. Especially with jeans...but that's a different story.
         5. To get good grades. Well that's just a given isn't it.

So, now that you know. I will disappear to study for my finals which will be held next week. Unless there is a sunny day so you might see a post. But I would like to wish you all a Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year. May all your wishes come true (CORNY ALERT <3)


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Madd Style Cosmetix Review!

Madd Style Cosmetix was always one of those companies where I was told to stay away from because of some bloggers' opinions long ago. But after seeing time pass by and not another bad word said, I decided to put on some big girl panties and buy. I was always astounded by their colors and how their names related to things I loved. One day that had a little set of get 3 jars and one XL sample for $10 and I took my chance and bought it.

Pricing - Samples - N/A
             Full Size - $5
             C.O.W - $3
             Shadow Base - $6
             Eyeshadow Mixative - $5
             Shipping - $2
                             Another Item - $0.75

TAT + Delivery - Above Average (1.5 weeks)

Shadow Amounts - Sample - approx 1/16th tsp
                             Full Size - Approx 1.5g in a 5g jar
                             (No true amounts were given)

Extras - 1 sample

Packaging - Tissue Paper

Swatches were done dry without primer!

Love the labels!

Monster Mash - is a satin green with blue and red sparklies in it

O Hai, Kawaii - is a light purple with blue and pink sparklies. It is rather sheer.

Tardis - is a bright blue with some purple accents with a strong pink shift. I adore this color. Doctor Who forever. 

Sub- Zero - is a satin white with a light blue shift. This one is also rather sheer. 

Spirited Away - is a dark satin navy with gold sparklies. I adore this color and the movie.

My Favorites: Tardis and Spirited Away

Madd Style Cosmetix definitely lived up to me hopes with their complex colors. I cannot wait to try more of them! My few concerns are their lack of ingredients, their lack of shadow amounts in their listings and that they do not carry samples. But I highly suggest you give them a look and try out some shades.


Dark Heart Designs Halloween On Christmas Swatchlove!

So, it is finally sunny here again and what a bright sun it is. Today I have a bright and gorgeous new collection from one of my favorite companies, Dark Heart Designs. This collection is based off of The Nightmare Before Christmas. One thing I really love about this collection is that it isn't like your normal Christmas collection of colors. But you will have to see to believe me =].

Shadow Amount - 0.20g of shadow in a 3g clamshell

Price - $9.99 + $2.50 Shipping

Extra - 1 Unlabeled Shadow

Boogie Man - is a bright green gel liner with pink and blue shifts. It is really amazing looking and is a must buy in my book.
Mad Scientist - is a bright blue/grey gel liner with gold sparklies. 

Barrel - is a dark purple semi-sheer gloss with purple sparklies. The gloss in general isn't sticky and is really smooth and feels very weightless on the lips. It feels more like a lip balm then a gloss to me. 
Lock - is a bright red semi-opaque gloss  with a pink shift. 
Shock - is a greyed purple sheer gloss with blue sparklies. On the lips it looks like a nude.




The Mayor - is a really sparklie pale orange/beige with subtle purple sparklies.
Bone Daddy - is a white with a strong orange shift. In other lights it looks almost like a light grey.

Ghost Dog - is a satin white with a slight red shift. 
Unknown??? - was the unlabeled shadow I received. It is a bright red with blue and light blue sparklies. It is awesome what ever color this happens to be. 
Rag Doll - is a light teal with pink sparklies. Another going on the definite buy list. 

My Favorites: Rag Doll, Unknown???, Bone Daddy, Lock, Shock, Boogie Man, Mad Scientist. 

Dark Heart Designs has come along way since their closing and I am really glad they have changed for the better. Tina has officially reformulated all of the shadows and is now reformulating the glosses. I will definitely be making some full sized purchases from this collection. So, go check em out! 


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Persephone Minerals Review!

This is extremely overdue and I deeply apologize to Victoria. But on the bright side, my laptop is finally back in my possession and I can finally resume my normal blogging. Today I have Persephone Minerals. This company has some of the nicest customer service I have come across and she has some of the most gorgeous colors. So let's get this review started!

Pricing - 5 Samples  - $5
             5 Senshii Samples - $6.25
             3 Stardust Shimmer or Mystical Highlight Samples - $6
             Full Size Eye Shadow - $5
             Full Size Stardust Shimmer or Mystical Highlight - $10
             Shipping - Full Size (Any) - $3
                             Samples (Any) - $1.75
                             With Another Item - $0.01

TAT + Delivery - Average (2.5 weeks)

Shadow Amounts - Samples - 1/8th tsp
                             Full Size - 1/2 tsp in a 3g jar

Extras - 2 Samples

Packaging - Patterned Organza Bags.

Photo time! These swatches are all dry without primer.

 See how full the full sized jars are!
 Here are the sample bags!

Dead Ringer - is a really gorgeous brown with copper, red and gold sparklies. There is a slight copper shift in some lights. 

Spirit Realm - is probably the most gorgeous shadow I have ever laid eyes on. It is grey in the jar, rubs to a bright green with slight blue accents then suddenly without warning shifts to a bright blue. Please, just buy this color. 

Cotton Candy - is a really pale almost metallic pink with a slight blue shift. 

Delusion - is a satiny purple with purple sparklies. 

Trance - is a slightly greyed pale blue with a slight purple shift. 
Asteri - is a dark navy with some copper sparklies. I adore this color.

Escort - is a bright butt blue with light blue sparklies. Its so bright it almost hurts my eyes. 
Smoke - is a greyed out purple with multi-colored sparkilies.

Bicurious - is absolutely gorgeous. It is a baby blue with a peach/pink shift. 

Another angle of Bicurious.

Pluto Planet Power - is a gorgeous emerald green with green and light blue sparklies. 

Dead Scream - is a sating plum with silver sparklies.
Sailor Pluto - is a darker emerald green with green sparklies. 

Mars Crystal Power - is another gorgeous duo-chrome that starts as a bright red and shifts to a peach/gold.

Rei- is a blackened purple with purple sparklies. 

Elysian - is a brown with some gold accents.
Kore - is a blackened red with some red and gold sparklies. I love this color. 

My Favorites - Kore, Mars Crystal Power, Sailor Pluto, Bicurious, Asteri, Spirit Realm, and Dead Ringer. 

Persephone Minerals is a fantastic company that has some of my favorite colors. Their colors range from fairly simple to the extremely complex and this store is my go-to place for duo-chromes. Victoria is also the sweetest person and is extremely accommodating. If you haven't already, go grab some samples and try some stuff. She also has her new collections out. I ordered some =]. 

I will be posting my giveaway when everything gets here. But I have lots in store for everyone!


Friday, November 18, 2011

VIE Halloween Collection Swatches!

I recently bought samples from VIE's Halloween Collection. I am a sucker for duochromes and couldn't pass these up. This also came with their new Crazy Primer (review to come).

Sample Amount - between 1/16th and 1/8th in baggies (transferred to clamshells)

Price - $14 + Shipping (I bought during a discount and free shipping promotion

Shipping Times- Below Average (3-4 weeks)

Extras - Extra Sample (Hippo)

Witchy - is a really shifty purple/green duochrome. The shift is extremely noticeable and is probably the most noticeable shift of the bunch. 

Love Zombie - is an acid green with a slight gold shift and some black sparklies. This is my least favorite. 

Haunting - is a red/purple shade with copper sparklies. 

Midnight Hour - is a matte black with black and rainbow sparklies. I am really glad that Jenni has updated her formula for mattes since my last order. My last order I received a black matte that was so chalky it was unusable. This formula is a lot smoother and more pigmented.  

Scaredy Cat - is a red with a gold shift. This reminded me of Persephone's Mars Crystal Power, but after a comparison, they are not alike. 

Hippo - is a semi-matte muted purple with subtle purple sparklies. This color is also really pigmented and smooth.

My Favorites: Scaredy Cat, Witchy, and Hippo. 

If you haven't already go ahead and purchase from Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. They are having a pretty intense Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale, so I would wait til then to purchase =]. Here is my original review and swatches