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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hello again

Hello everyone! It has really been awhile. For the longest time I was thinking of officially shutting down my blog since I am banned from buying any more cosmetics (mostly eye shadows since I have over 1000) but now I feel I should officially reopen my blog not only on a cosmetic level but on a personal level as well.

I plan on doing a very large blog sale to downsize my collection so I can help pay for my college summer classes and groceries when I get back to school.

I also plan to do something called a swatch a day. To get me back into blogging (as a habit) everyday I will pick a random eye shadow, swatch it, tell you some information about it and post it. Now with my possibly summer classes and job on the way, this might pose a challenge so if I can't do one everyday I will chose a day and post seven swatches so it is almost like Swatch-a-day (thinking of a name..thoughts?).

To update since I last wrote, I have been doing better. I took some therapy, did some thinking about life, changed into someone I am happy with, and finally figured out what I want to do with me life. Things are mostly going better minus the few, large bumps here and there but I am trying my hardest. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me.

Finally, I will make sure my enthusiasm stays alive and well including my awkward posts.


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