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Friday, May 10, 2013

Swatch-A-Day 3

*this product was purchased by me!*

Hi! Today is finally a sunny and pretty day, yet I am stuck inside working. =/ Not to fear! I still have today's swatch!

When going through my purple eye shadow bin I came across a color I wore multiple times during the fall: Meow Cosmetic's Chupacabra from the X collection.

This color is a dark purple with a more vibrant purple shift with some glitter. It is very satin-y.

Left shows the shadow without primer
Right shows the shadow with LA Splash Sealer/Base under it

Personal fun: Had another job interview yesterday, I hope I got the job! I have another next week that I hope works our as well. I am still fighting with a professor over a grade and am now probably going to contact the dean. I am working hard on my summer courses so I can get the A's for those. I will probably paint my nails a pretty color later, right now they are dark taupe. Finally I am probably going to see Iron Man 3 with the boyfriend tomorrow and go out to dinner and such. 

Ta ta for now!


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